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ویرایش سوم کتاب Compact First  به منظور آمادگی سریع و هدف مند جخت شرکت در آزمون B2 First  به چاپ رسیده است.مناسب دور ه های کوتاه مدت و به راحتی می توان آن را در کنار دوره های عمومی زبان به کار برد.کتاب Compact  موضوعات آزمون ، زبان و مهارتها را پوشش می دهد و به بررسی و تمرین دقیق می پردازد تا عملکرد زبان آموزان را حداکثر سازد.

Compact First 3rd edition offers concise and targeted preparation for the B2 First qualification. Ideal for shorter courses and easily integrated with a general English course, Compact covers the core exam topics, language and skills and offers intensive revision and practice to quickly maximise student performance, and now also offers specific help for Spanish-speaking learners.

Key features:

  • Updated design now makes this popular intensive course even easier to use with clear step-by-step approach to each exam paper.
  • Organised by exam skill, each unit focuses on one part of each exam paper and provides tips and advice.
  • Grammar, vocabulary and error correction exercises train students to avoid common exam mistakes.
  • Now with full digital support for teachers and specifically designed help for Spanish-speaking learners.
  • Test & Train and Practice Extra, included in the Cambridge One Digital Pack, build exam strategies and skills in a mobile-friendly environment.

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